May 22

Week at a Glance

We are in the final two weeks and they are jammed packed!

Tuesday – Promotion Rehearsal at Eastlake Church 11:30 – 1:00; PTA Family BBQ 5 – 8 PM

Thursday – VAPA

Friday – Class Pizza Party – sign up here to bring something; Career Day – dress up in your future career outfit

This is what we are learning this week:

Engineering Week – students will rotate through each classroom this week for a new Engineering project each day

Language Arts – students should be finalizing their problem solution research projects and presentations.  Projects are due Wednesday.

Social Studies – Ancient Rome newspapers are due on Thursday

AGE or Adolescent Growth Education (Monday – Wednesday) – anatomy and child abuse

May 18

End of Year Party

I am proud of our students who have been working diligently on their testing all week. Tomorrow will be the final test, the Math Performance Task. To celebrate the end of the year, we will hold a party on Friday, 5/26. Pizza should be provided, but families can sign up here to bring any other goodies to share. Students do NOT need to bring in an additional lunch that day unless they would like to. They may, however, bring any games or quiet activities to play with (but no electronic devices).

May 15

Week at a Glance

Smarter Balance testing begins this week, Monday – Friday. Please be sure your children get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast (limit sugar intake), and arrive to school on time each day. If they arrive late, they may have to take the test in a separate setting with another teacher. When possible, we prefer to keep our students’ testing environment the most comfortable and familiar by keeping them in the classroom.

I am requesting donations of mints (30 per day) for this week. Please send them with your child early in the week. Thank you very much!

Here are the important events of the week:

Monday – Friday: Testing

Friday – 6th Grade Dance 6-8 pm; end of year field trip permission slips and money due.

The rest of the classroom time will be dedicated to our problem solution research projects on environmental or social issues and our ancient rome newspaper. All projects will be presented in class next week.

May 7

Week at a Glance

Please be sure to return the end of year permission slips and exact change for activities as soon as possible.
This is the last week of review and test prep before the Smarter Balance begins on 5/15.

Wednesday: Levelset Test – this will be the final lexile test on Achieve3000. We will begin at 8:30 so please be sure your child arrives to school on time at 8:15.

Thursday: VAPA

Here is what we are learning:

PE – We have been reviewing salsa and swing dance and this week we will work on the waltz and 2-step. Be sure your child is practicing the steps at home and teaching you how to do the waltz, which will be the parent/child dance on 5/19.

Math – We have been determining, range, median, mean and mean absolute deviation of given data as well as analyzing dot plots and histograms. This week we will learn how to describe variability using interquartile range and analyzing box plots. This is our last week of new lessons in Statistics.

Language Arts – Students should be done researching the problem to their research project. This week they will research the possible solutions and will begin to develop plans for their presentation. I am encouraging them to try a presentation other than Google Slides, such as a brochure, video, presentation board, etc.

Writing – Argument and narratives assessments will be administered this week.

Social Studies – Students are working on their ancient Roman newspaper which includes 5 required articles.

All projects (including presentations) will be completed within the next 3 weeks.

April 17

Week at a Glance

Here are the important dates for next week:

Tuesday, 4/18: Dance permission slip due

Wednesday, 4/19: Field trip to Innovation Station; we will leave Camarena at 8:30 and be back around 2:45.  Remember to pack a sack lunch. If you are chaperoning, remember to sign in to the office in the morning and be ready to depart at 8:30.  There should be room on the bus if you would like to ride with us.

Friday, 4/21: Earth Day celebration – visit to the Camarena Garden

Here is what we are learning:

PE: Kickball – catching pop flies and kicking with laces when ball is rolling towards kicker

Math: Module 6: Statistics and Probability – displaying and reading different types of graphs such as dot plot, histograms, etc.

Language Arts: Analyzing DDT sources for credibility, determining their claims and supporting evidence

Writing: CAASP Performance Task practice on Multivitamins.  Students will write an argumentative piece about multivitamins by first reading and analyzing articles

Science: Last two days with Mrs. Hughes

Social Studies: Our last ancient civilization study on Ancient Rome

April 11

Innovation Station Field Trip on 4/19

For the field trip to Innovation Station on 4/19, we can take 5 parent chaperones with us.  This will be a trip to the downtown Chula Vista Library’s new Innovation Station and the focus will be coding/robotics and career interests.  Chaperones will be encouraged to participate with our students throughout our day.  You will also need to bring a lunch.  Please email me at immediately if you would like to chaperone.  Thank you.

April 10

Week at a Glance

Last Friday, students received a few important handouts.  One was the dates of AGE (Adolescent Growth Education) with a REVERSE permission slip.  Only sign and return if you DO NOT want your child to be present for the AGE lessons in May.
Another handout was the information and the criteria for end of year activities.  Please sign this paper and return asap. Please also discuss with your child how they must earn the end of the year activities by fulfilling the criteria.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the activities, please email me at
Last is the permission slip for our field trip to Innovation Station on 4/19.  This permission slip is due this Wednesday, 4/12.

Wednesday – Innovation Station field trip permission slip due

Thursday – VAPA

Friday – Wear purple to honor military families

Here is what we are learning:

PE – Kickball – throwing, catching, kicking

Math – Surface Area of 3D figures; Module 5 (Geometry) post test will be on Thursday.  Quiz on division of fractions will be on Friday.  Each week we are reviewing one standard and quizzing on Friday to possibly update report card grades.  Homework now consists of Fresh 5 and Tenmarks.  Fresh 5 reviews all standards each night to prepare for the Smarter Balance test in May.

Language Arts – we are continuing to analyze sources on DDT and whether benefits outweigh consequences.  For each source, we are analyzing credibility, claims, and evidence, and reviewing paraphrasing vs. quoting.

In guided reading, all groups are working on practice tests, discussing testing strategies and justifying answers.

Writing – On Friday, students selected their problem for the Problem Solution Research project.  Please ask your child what their topic is.  This week we will begin to locate sources and take notes on the following:
-What is the problem?
-Why is it a problem?
-Who is affected by the problem?

Science – 2nd week of rotation with Mrs. Hughes



April 3

Week at a Glance

Welcome back to the last quarter!  Students should have completed their spring break Book Report assignment UNLESS I received a note from a parent.  Most students did a fabulous job on their project!

The next 6 weeks will be critical for test preparation.  Students will be working hard and learning a lot.

Monday – minimum day

Here is what we are learning:

PE – kickball (kicking and catching)

Math – volume of rectangular prisms

Reading – Research: Do the Benefits of DDT Outweigh its Harmful Consequences; we will analyze arguments and use information to eventually write our own problem/solution research project.

Writing – We will research various environmental and social issues to narrow down to one for our research project.

Science – Students will rotate to Mrs. Hughes’ science class for the next 3 weeks to learn about the brain.