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Week at a Glance

Conferences and minimum days continue this week and fall break begins next week. I will not be assigning any additional homework over break other than reading 40 minutes a day and completing Tenmarks for 15 minutes a day. I also encourage students to enjoy the outdoors, parks, museums, libraries, etc. These are the most natural and engaging modes of learning for our children. Enjoy!

Here is what is happening this week:

Monday, 9/11: Patriot Day – wear red, white, and blue; we will be learning about 9/11 and for homework, students will need to interview someone who remembers the events of 9/11/01.

Friday: End of Module Math Test on Ratios and Proportions

Here is what we are learning:

Language Arts – We will be taking the Benchmark Performance Task on Monday and Tuesday. This is the formal writing assessment for Benchmark and will be administered online.

Students will complete a Book Trailer on our read aloud, 90 Miles to Havana.

Math – This is the final topic for Module 1. Students will learn about percents and how to find percent of a quantity using various models and algorithm. The end of module exam will be on Friday.

Social Studies – Students will finish the Mesopotamia chapter we began last week and may build a diorama as extra credit if they wish. This project will be optional due to our limited time.


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Week at a Glance

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! Thankfully, this upcoming week will be cooler and we will be able to go outside for PE. Remember to have your child bring a water bottle to school every day.

We will be completing a diorama project for social studies next week so please start bringing in any shoeboxes you have at home.

Conferences and minimum days start this Thursday and continue into the following week. Please check your conference time here and arrive promptly at your scheduled time. Keep in mind that many conferences are back to back so I will do my best to stick to the twenty minute appointments. If you cannot make it, please let me know prior to your appointment. I look forward to meeting you and discussing your child’s progress.

Here is what is happening this week:

Monday – Labor Day; no school.

Thursday – conferences and minimum days begin and continue through to the following week.

Here is what we will be learning:

Language Arts – We will be reading an excerpt from Call It Courage and will work on the following skills: identify key events and summarize, determine theme, analyze word choice and point of view, compare themes.

Writing – We will be finishing our narrative drafts, revising, editing, and publishing to our blogs hopefully by the end of the week. Students had a choice to write what happens next in Jason’s Challenge or Cassie’s Fight. Ask your child which story they are writing about.

Math – Students really enjoyed the grocery shopping activity on Friday. Thank you for the Vons fliers! This week we will be looking at measurements, speed, and conversions.

Social Studies – Students will read about how early civilizations developed around a major river system, the development of the world’s first city-states, and Mesopotamian achievements.

PE – With only two days of PE, we might just practice our game of kickball this week.

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Week at a Glance

If anyone is going to Vons this week, please pick up a stack of store fliers for us. We will be doing a comparison shopping activity on Friday so we will need 30 fliers by then. I will let you know once we have enough fliers.

For those who purchased books through Scholastic, they should be arriving this week. Did you know that each purchase you make also helps us earn free books for our classroom? Thank you for your orders!

Conference confirmations were sent home on Friday if you already signed up for a time slot. I will be assigning the rest of the times to any remaining families this week so please be on the lookout for your conference appointment.

Here is what is happening this week:

Student Council Election videos and voting will occur Tuesday – Thursday. We will watch the candidate videos in class and vote on Google Classroom.

Thursday: Picture Day!

This is what we will be learning:

ELA – We will be reading Cassie’s Fight and working on the following: identifying key details and summarizing, analyzing  how a sentence contributes to the development of the plot, and analyzing how the author develops point of view.

Writing – We are finalizing our informative problem/solution essay on Queen Elizabeth I and I hope to have them published on our blogs this week. Then we will move on to writing a monologue similar to the one we read about Anne Frank.

Math – We will be working on rates (a ratio with two different units such as miles per gallon, words per minute, ounces per dollar, etc.) and comparison shopping.

Social Studies – This is week 2 in our Early Man unit and we will be learning about how early man was able to migrate further away from the equator after the Ice Age and began to produce food, domesticate animals, and create communities with more formal government.

PE – tagging games with Mrs. Greenlee

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Week at a Glance

Please remind your child about the dangers of looking directly at the sun without proper eye protection. The district and school are encouraging all students to stay inside during the event and to watch it via Nasa’s livestream.

Here is what is happening this week:

Monday – Total Solar Eclipse 2017! We will be learning about the solar eclipse and watching it via Nasa’s livestream. The school will also follow a rainy day schedule so students will not be outside during the eclipse. This should be a spectacular event!

Thursday – VAPA

Friday – Math Mid Module 1 Test – students may use their notes but still need to study to prepare.

Here is what we will be learning about:

Language Arts – We will be starting Unit 2 in Benchmark. This literature unit is called Characters at Crossroads and we will read about characters facing challenges and compare how different genres approach similar themes. Our first text is an excerpt from The Diary of Anne Frank and we will learn to determine central idea and key details. Later in the week we will learn to analyze how an author develops point of view and how characters respond to plot events.

Math – We will be finalizing the first half of the ratio module by synthesizing the different ratio models (tables, double number lines, tape diagrams) and writing the corresponding equation. Friday is the Mid-Module exam. Students may use their notes for this exam but will still need to study for it.

Social Studies – We will begin our first social studies unit on Early Man and learn about how hunters and gatherers utilized tools to survive and adapted to their environments.

PE – Kickball Basketball with Mrs. Hughes

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Brown Bags Needed Please

We will be starting social studies on Monday and I would like to do an art project involving brown paper shopping bags. If you have any to spare please send them in on Monday. Thank you so much! Your donations make these kind of projects possible.

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Week at a Glance

Thank you so much for your flour and salt donations! The children made salt dough by keeping the ratio of salt to flour to water consistent. They completed a chart to show how the ratio would remain the same even if we were to increase the number of batches made. Please ask to see your child’s math notebook to review this activity.

Your child will bring home a permission slip this week for the flexible seating project that was funded over the summer for wobbly cushions, exercise balls, mats, clipboards, etc. As part of the agreement to receive these donated items, I am required to submit student thank you letters and photos of the students utilizing the equipment. Please sign the permission slip and return to class. In addition, please consider donating to my new project for nonfiction texts so we can start utilizing the materials once it is funded. Also, I may create a new project this month for art supplies and will keep you posted when that project becomes available for donations.

This is what’s happening this week:

Wednesday: Bus drill in the morning


-Language Arts (Benchmark) Unit 1 test

-Library – please be sure your child brings back the book he/she checked out two weeks. They may return or renew the book.

-Class Scholastic book order due. Order online using the class code HKXXF.

Here is what we will be learning:

Language Arts – we will be reading about Queen Elizabeth II and comparing her reign to Queen Elizabeth I. We will continue working on determining key details, summarizing, figurative language, and integrating texts.

Writing – we will be writing an informative/explanatory essay describing the problems and solutions Queen Elizabeth I faced during her reign.

Math – we will be practicing using ratio tables and double number lines to solve for equivalent ratios. We are also completing a ratio art drawing on graph paper, which should be done by Friday.

Digital Safety (in place of Science and Social Studies) – As part of the district’s commitment to student digital safety, we will be teaching lessons from Common Sense Media. Lessons include Cyberbullying, Strategic Searching, Safe Online Talk, and Digital Drama.

PE – students will rotate to Mrs. Garcia Heller for relays.

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Week at a Glance

Tomorrow, I would like to do a math ratio activity with the students so if your child is able to bring in flour and/or salt, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to purchase books through Scholastic, please use our class code: HKXXF. I am going to put together an order in the next couple weeks, so please submit your order by 8/18.

Reminder – Please be sure your child is alternating reading fiction and nonfiction. The daily homework consists of 40 minutes of reading every night. They are also required to complete one reading response in their journal each week. This usually can be completed in class and needs to be turned in each Friday. After our class receives our new laptops (which will hopefully be SOON), students will set up their blogs so they can publish their weekly reading response online for all parents to view.

Here is what is coming up this week:

Thursday: VAPA

Friday: first Math quiz (open notes)

This is what we will be learning this week:

Language Arts – Queen Elizabeth I of England – We will be working on main idea, key details, citing evidence, analyzing author’s point of view, and figurative language.

Writing – Read and analyze informative/explanatory prompt and planning and drafting an problem/solution essay using evidence from text

*The writing is tied to that morning’s reading (Queen Elizabeth I of England)

Read Aloud – The class is so engaged with our reading of 90 Miles to Havana. Ask your child what has happened in the story. They should be able to summarize each day’s reading.

Math – We will be using various methods/models to find equivalent ratios to solve problems.

Science – Our last week of Cells will conclude with the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.

PE – Rotate to Mr. Morales for lacrosse!

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Week at a Glance

We had a fabulous first full week last week and the students are on the right track to dive into our first units in ELA and Math this week. Please remember to join the PTA as soon as possible to support all of our students. Membership only costs $10 and you can join here. Also, please consider donating to our classroom’s project to provide more nonfiction books for our classroom. Click here to donate any amount.

Your classroom supply donations have been incredible! They should hopefully last throughout the school year. Thank you so much for your generosity! I am so excited about the year ahead of us and hope to keep the momentum going. Please reach out if you have any questions.

I will be adding parent email addresses to our online gradebook ( and classdojo (behavior management). Please be on the lookout for these programs so you can login and track your child’s progress.

Monday: Fire Drill

Friday: our first visit to the school library

Here is what we will be learning this week:

Language Arts: Benchmark Unit 1 – Beyond Democracy

Read Aloud: 90 Miles to Havana

Math: EngageNY Module 1 – Ratios and Unit Rates

Science: Cells

PE: Rotate to Mrs. Benson for Wall Ball

Remember that our daily homework is posted on the Classroom Calendar (see link at top of blog).

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Week at a Glance

We got off to a wonderful start last week with some read alouds, reading responses, and establishing routines. I look forward to jumping in this week with some more rigorous reading, writing, and math lessons. I also updated the class schedule (link at top) for the year. Please be sure your child brings all the requested school items to class tomorrow. We will set up and start using all the notebooks and folders. Thank you so much!

Here is what is coming up this week:

Thursday: Visual and Performing Arts in the morning – students will rotate for music, dance (PE), photography, and art. VAPA will take place every other Thursday morning.

Friday: Me Collage due

This is what we will be learning:

Reading: Practices and routines for reader’s workshop; students will also be screened on fluency and reading comprehension; setting up independent reading journals

Read Aloud: 60 Miles to Havana

Writing: Narrative writing pretest on Monday; begin writer’s workshop and writer’s notebook

Math: Review of place value, long division, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals

Science: Living vs. Nonliving Things

PE: Intro to Ultimate Frisbee (backhand throw)